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This section offers information about drugs and links to organizations that can help if you or someone you know has a problem with their drug use.


We live in a drug taking society. Most of us use drugs every day - caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are just a few of the 'mind altering' drugs we like but they are just as much drugs as are heroin, cannabis and cocaine.

All commonly used drugs are a mixture of good news and bad news: they have both benefits and problems associated with them. Most of us manage to make the benefits of the drugs we use outweigh the problems. 

Drugs can:

  • Give us more energy when we need it,

  • Help us to feel good about ourselves,

  • Help us to socialize and 
give us "time out" when we want it.

  • The bad news about drug use involves everything from hangovers to permanent ill health, from public nuisance to violence and other serious crime.

Young people are using more drugs now than they have before - both legal and illegal.  Concern about the growth of recreational drug use is justified but while it is indeed worrying, we ought to remember that growing out of drug problems is normal.